We hosted our 14th Pastor’s Conference at the scenic Simonsberg Christian Centre in Stellenbosch, from Sunday, 3rd to Wednesday, 6th April 2022.
Nearly sixty delegates from a variety of Cape Town churches were able to listen to Karl Peterson preach through 2 Peter.
Over ten sessions, he taught on Godly Living, Identifying False Teachers and Looking Forward to the Second Coming of Christ!
The leaders who gathered all affirmed that the three vital ingedients of a “successful” conference were all there – good teaching, good food and good fellowship!
We are thankful to our donors who make it possible to offer a subsidised conference cost to church leaders, who otherwise, would not normally be able to access opportunities like these.

Here’s a selection of quotes from some of our attendees:

“I am thankful for BISA and this conference because the teaching helps me understand the word of God clearly. I can teach this book 2 Peter, to my people and help them to know how to live holy lives, how to identify false prophets and teachers and how to look forward to His second coming” GM

“These conferences have helped me grow in my ministry. It is a time of reflection, teaching and fellowship. I am refreshed and ready for this next season of my life.” DJ

“It’s my first pastor’s conference like this – the teaching is so clear and meeting other pastors with challenges encourages me as I learn how to deal with my issues.” SB

“I am so grateful to the Lord for the sponsors who help us to attend conferences like these. We struggle in our community and at this conference, we get good teaching and good fellowship! The venue is also very nice!” VV

“Thank you BISA, thank you CLP, thank you Lord! I cannot miss this conference. The preaching of the Bible is a good example to us and I leave with my heart full!” HM 

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