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Using business, work and money to serve God?

Our Business As Missions (BAM – Core Course) was written for missionaries in the developing world, but it became obvious that the Scriptural principles in it would help all believers everywhere who want to use business, money and work for God’s glory.


Tried and tested

Missionaries have been testing our Core Course and it is helping them in the most difficult economies on planet earth.


Learn both from veterans of business for mission and also from your fellow business people who are daily facing the same challenges you are.


The biblical principles in this course will not only make you a more effective and successful in work and business but happier and more fulfilled too as you work towards an eternal purpose.


Designed for busy working and business people. All requirements can be completed online and are not onerous if one does just a little every day.

About the course

Important details:


Fee: R1400

Start date for next course: To be announced.

This is a 16 week course spread over 5 modules with a week break between each:

• Introduction
• Provision
• Work
• Enough
• Wealth


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What is Untangled BAM?

Time to settle down

This has been such an enriching and timely course for me. As we start a new ministry venture as a family I really needed this clarity and conviction on the Biblical perspective of money management. The discussions and content have been thought provoking and challenging. The topic is such a fundamental area to be clearer on. God has spoken to me through it. I am experiencing a greater freedom in my spirit towards the whole area. My faith has been built. It will continue to have it’s challenges and everyday problems, but I feel in a better position to know where to go in the Bible for help and have a greater assurance surrounding the subject.

Thank you to the group who have helped me get greater clarity on it thru our discussions. Thank you David for the privilege of participating and your insightful challenges and course content. I would whole heartedly recommend it for anyone seeking to know the Father’s mind on money! 

Richard Thompson

BAM Practitioner, business owner and trainer - Zambia

Many pieces of what we learned through your course came to mind during our trip to Ethiopia. Your course was so impactful in giving us a foundation to build on for our business.
This BAM core course provided an excellent biblical foundation for doing business as mission. I thoroughly enjoyed studying God’s Word with people around the world and discussing what the Bible says about topics like work, God’s provision, and wealth. My mindset on these topics had been skewed by the culture around me and my university classes, so the coursework and discussions brought some much-needed clarity. I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to take this course during the beginning stages of our business and I am sure it will impact us and our work for years to come!
Darci Wettstein

Business builder in USA and Ethiopia, MBA Student

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