Welcome to The Bible Institute of South Africa

Where our goal for each student is ‘To Know Christ And To Make Him Known’

So, why should you choose the Bible Institute as a place to study?


Well, for starters we’ve been going for a long time.

The Bible Institute of South Africa was founded in 1923 as a Bible Training College for men and women.

BISA’s aim then, was the same as today; to equip men and women for work in missions, ministry and the market place. Students come to us to learn ‘To Know Christ and to Make Him Known’.

Using the Bible as their handbook, students from many nations have been prepared in The Word and in Practice for effective witness to people with differing worldviews in every walk of life.

…coming to BISA could be your best decision.

We’re concerned with more than just imparting knowledge

At BISA, theory and Practical Training go hand in hand

Theologically speaking …


We are a non-denominational, international, theological college committed to the evangelical faith of our confessing protestant reformational heritage.

We believe the Bible to be the verbally inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God. It is complete in its revelation, final in its content and absolute in its authority.

Teaching God’s Word at BISA, we aim to cultivate within our students a desire to obey God and to inspire hearts and minds with His Truth.

Students will study and practically engage with the Word of God and learn to handle and communicate it competently.

Brian Marimira facilitates BISA’s
Christian Leadership Programme

Courses and Accreditation

The college has several hundred students involved in a selection of courses. BISA offers a Bachelor of Theology which is taught both on campus, or online by distance learning. Both B.Th. degrees are CHE accredited.

We have a 12 month Christian Foundations Gap-Year programme (non-accredited).

For students who do not seek a B.Th. degree, we offer a part-time Christian Leadership Programme, taught at several venues across Cape Town as evening sessions. The CLP runs for three years. (non-accredited).

The BISA Winter School offers two weeks of inter-semester tuition held annually in June/July. Winter School is open to church leaders and workers, offering subjects taught by international Academics and Researchers in their specific fields.

BISA’s Evening Class Courses run for one night per week every semester, They are open to the public for personal development (non-accredited).

The Bible Institute of South Africa npc is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training until 31 December 2024 as a private higher education institution under the Act. Registration certificate No. 2018/HE08/002

"I find BI to be a community of humble, loving and caring students, together with their lecturers. I come back to BI whenever I can - God is at work there in practical ways".

 Katleho Meslane
Katleho graduated in 2010, He is the Rector of St Thomas’ REACH SA church in Heideveld, Cape Town.

"These two terms in the Christian Leadership Programme have taught me much regarding my faith. My studies have shaped my Christian life as well as my understanding of the Scriptures and ability to handle them correctly. It has been an enriching experience thus far. I encourage my fellow students to persevere in our training as it is preparing us to be faithful servants of the Lord.".

Cohen Julies
Cohen is studying in the Christian leadership Programme at BISA. He leads anindependent church in Sarepta.

"I studied at BI 95-98 .What an awesome experience it was and still enjoying the benefits and fruit of those years. Go see for yourself, you will love it. Blessings!"

Frankquit Jooste
Frankquit graduated in 1998

Viv met Margie Campbell whilst studying at the Bible Institute. They married some time later and this is what he says…” Everything Margie and I do now, every decision we make, is rooted in our worldview that we received at BI.”

Vivian Potgieter
Vivian has been in student ministry since leaving college. He now serves as the Faith Based Youth Pastor at Brackenfell Community Church

"Val and I were given a bit of the 'too heavenly minded to be of earthly use', treatment by some close to us, but the call to study theology was too clear and strong, albeit we were young and idealistic dreamers! We were ready to go to BI, ready to go and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. It was the right decision and it is the finest of colleges''.

 Craig Hounsom
Craig graduated four decades ago. He has ministered in several Congregational Churches in South Africa and is now retired.  He currently serves as Editor of the Protestant Reveille Magazine in addition to preaching regularly in churches along the Cape Coast.

"BI to me is one big family where you can be yourself and grow in the knowledge of God's word. I matured as a young woman who had just left home for the first time. I was at BI for just a year but that year changed my life. I would not trade my time at BI for anything on earth''.

Caitlin Coetzee
Caitlin graduated in 2011. She teaches at an ECD development school in Cape Town.

"Studying at B.I. made a positive, lasting change in our lives. The teaching gave a strong foundation, and helped to keep us focused and steady in good & hard times whilst serving the Lord. We had happy times and fun with fellow students - even gardening!!

Dawn du Plessis
Dawn graduated in 1964. She is retired (actively) and lives in the UK.

"What an amazing journey I have had at BI. I don’t think I would have made it but for the warm welcome and support I received from students in my year group as well as the many lecturers who helped me sharpen my sword at both ends. All that’s left to say is THANK YOU. I am richer for being at the Bible Institute".

Aldine Marcus
Aldine graduated in 2012