About BISA

The Bible Institute of South Africa was founded in 1923 and was established as an evangelical and interdenominational training centre. From the very beginning it has been our aim to train and equip men and women to know Christ and to make Him known.

BISA has a long record of consistently and faithfully training ministers, missionaries, lecturers, teachers and church workers in Bible and theology. Moreover, many Christians have been better prepared for effective witness in the professional world. Students are drawn from, and go out to minister in, many different countries in Africa and the wider world.

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I was born in 1985 in Cape Town, and grew up in the care of my grandmother. I became a Christian in High School because of my father’s influence—he had already become a Christian but was not a part of our family. A big challenge as a new Christian was to live out my faith amidst my own culture which requires a boy to transition into manhood through rites of ancestral worship in a Xhosa event known as “Ulwaluko” or circumcision.

I worked in the building industry after school whilst completing a National Diploma in Building . Exploring a call on my life I ventured into ministry and served for four years in the Student’s Christian Organisation. I married Nokutula in 2011 and by the end of 2012, although I was studying part time at BISA, I had to seek secular employment because we had our first child. In 2015 BISA offered me a study bursary and in 2016 I was offered a full study scholarship.

I am a 3rd year LTh student and my courses have included NT Intro, Greek, Children & Youth Ministry and Scripture & Hermeneutics.
At college I have learned that the presuppositions that I have held are not necessarily what the Bible teaches.

My own people are not always exposed to sound theology in churches. I would like to be part of their development in Truth and sound Doctrine through involvement in Church Planting.

“”I was born in 1998, the youngest of three children in a Christian family in Cape town. My father was a role model for living his faith and we had a picture perfect life until, when I was in junior school, we had a family crisis. It affected me deeply to the point that I needed counselling from my School therapist. I ended up taking matters into my own hands and even sneaking tots of cider at parties. I was 14 yrs old.

I went into depression for a year and felt like my life had no significance. During that time I went to an Easter Church Camp and as we sang ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’ I realised that my difficulties would be overcome by God’s Grace alone, and the depression began to lift. Through a friend’s instruction I began to understand repentance and grace and I responded. I went to my schools Christian Union meetings and all my dad’s teaching began to make sense.

For my whole High School career I had wanted to be an engineer but in my last year I felt that I needed to grow as a Christian, so I came to Open Day at BI . By the end of the day I knew it was the place for me.

My favourite subject is Hermeneutics. When I graduate I’m not sure of a career path but by the end of my studies I want to willingly respond to any call that the Lord should give me.”

“I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1997. My dad is from Mozambique and my mom is an Ndebele. Both my grandmothers were witch doctors. We spoke the dialect Mutare-Shona at home. My family moved to Kalk Bay in 2011 and I went to Fish Hoek High School. After school I came to a Kid’s Bible Study at the Bible Institute and while we were studying the Genesis Book I became a Christian. I was 14 yrs. old. The teacher, Ronelle, invited me to attend the BI Chapel where I began teaching Sunday school.

After many religious experiences in different churches, my parents eventually became Christians. We were all baptised together in 2012.

I want to be a musical scriptwriter but I came to BI first for a Christian Foundation for my life. I love the Mission Workers classes at college because they inspire me to reach out in creative ways to unbelievers and they make me brave and want to go out into world missions.
I believe that Theatre has a place in world mission because it can be a voice to say things about Biblical Truth and Salvation that otherwise would be prohibited in closed countries.”

  • BI has been a great blessing to me in a way that words cannot explain. I do not regret coming to BI at all. I have experiences growth in my life, especially in handling the Word of God with diligence. Now I can preach and do Bible Studies with confidence knowing that I have been equipped with the right tools that will help me in my ministry for the rest of my life.
    -Sizwe Maseti (2nd-yr BTh)
  • Viv met Margie Campbell whilst studying at the Bible Institute. They married some time later and this is what he says... "Everything Margie and I do now, every decision we make, is rooted in our worldview that we received at BI"
    -Vivian Potgieter (Campus Minister with the YMCA at Bellville CPUT)
  • "My experience at BI is without doubt one of the greatest blessings the Lord has enriched my life with. I never would have anticipated such equipping for ministry by way of Christ-centred lectures from godly people, stimulating conversations, interactions with friends of diverse cultural and theological backgrounds, and simply just doing life on campus."
    -Victor Emma-Ad amah (Current BTh (Hons) student)
  • Before coming to BI I was battling with assurance of salvation, a struggle that had been consuming my life for years. During the year I spent there among godly lecturers and fellow students, God just opened my eyes to what he had already been doing in my life through this struggle. I saw Him at work, and experienced Him in ways I never could have imagined.
    -Janie Slabbert (graduated 2011, studying BA Language and Culture...)