Distance Learning FAQs

Distance Learning  exists for those who are not able to come to the Bible Institute’s campus for some or all of their studies.

The DLP is particularly suitable for those already in full time employment, yet who desire to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and His Word, and to serve Him more effectively. The programme is identical to the LTh programme offered on campus, although it will be studied over a period longer than three years. Distance learning means that the student will study off-campus in his/her own time. It is ideal for working men and women who have the tenacity to self study. 

 Please note: the DLP course is currently (December 2016) under full review and the revised course description, together with the subjects will be published shortly.

Please contact us with any enquiries at +27 21 788 4116


Does the programme run throughout the year?

The Distance Learning Programme operates on a semester basis in conjunction with the on-campus programme. There are two semesters per year; January to June followed by July to November.

What will I study?

Six fields of biblical study are covered in the courses:  Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Languages, Systematic Theology, Applied Theology  and Mission & History.
For a detailed description go to this page >> DLP course descriptions

What are the entrance requirements?

Applicants for the LTh are required to have Matriculation Exemption (or its equivalent), Conditional Matriculation Exemption or Mature Age Exemption. 
In keeping with the distinctives of the Bible Institute, applicants must be Christians of reasonable maturity and in good standing with their local church.

What are the examination requirements?

All Distance Learning examinations are to be  taken during the official college exam week at the end of each semester, generally June and November months.  As soon as the completed DLP course requirements are handed in, the student must submit the ‘Application to Write an Examination’  form to the DLP office (n.b. the invigilator must co-sign the form)  via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fax +27 21 788 7289.  The examination paper, including full instructions for invigilation,  will then be emailed or posted to the student’s chosen invigilator.

Download the Application to write an Examination Form here  >>

Who are my lecturers?

Your lecturers are generally to be found in college, teaching the LTh courses. They have specifically modified the material to enable you to study off campus and achieve a clarity of understanding commensurate with your on-campus peers. 

Names of lecturers and examiners for each course will be available.

What are the fees?

The DLP fees for 2017 >> Fees

What are the priorities BISA has set for itself?

Go here to read our >>Mission statement

What is BISA's Doctrinal position?

Go here to read our >> Doctrinal Statement

What is BISA's goal for each student?

We all have goals for ourselves, our family and our future and the Bible Institute has a goal for each student >>Philosophy of Education

How long will it take to complete my studies?

This will be dependant on the number of courses that you take per term.  A full-time student on campus will take between 6 to 7 courses per term (a term is 14 weeks of tuition) in order to graduate after three years.  This amount of work is impractical for many DLP students who prefer to study fewer courses per term, but who study consistently over a longer period of time, as a way of life.

To fast-track the process some DLP students arrange to take certain courses on campus for credits, such as the 2-week BISA Winter School. 

How do I apply? 

To apply please go to our APPLICATION  page. 

Is there a deadline for application?

DLP students please note that applications to study in the 2nd semester (from June to November 2016) will close at the end of May 2017

Who's the contact person for more info?

The DLP co-ordinator is Cynthia Human. You can reach her on >> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her on +27 21 7884116 


 A student writes...
Kenneth Bingham web"Like most people I'm a busy person. As a family man I couldn't take off several years to study full time, thats why I looked at the Distance Learning Programme. I needed flexibility in my studies  combined with the personal touch that you would expect as an on campus student.  I also needed to know that at the end of my studies I would have something not only practical but valuable in my life and ministry for Christ.
In the DLP I feel that I'm using my time productively in studying the heart of Scripture, not merely theological ideas. 
Despite learning by correspondence I have experienced a personal element of communication with the DLP coordinators which I've really appreciated.  
I look forward to graduating soon"
Kenneth Bingham is a 2015 Graduand; he is a businessman, married with two children and a leader in his Church.