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Herman Strydom

“I’m a Capetonian, born in 1977 into an Afrikaans Christian home, for which I am thankful.  My dad is a church Minister. For me, “church was church” but I wasn’t living as I should. I was confused when I visited liberal churches with my friends (which were unlike my dad’s church) and my Christianity was based on feelings, not on facts.  I always felt that something was not right.  I was doing marketing for a Gym and doing financial planning when my relationships and my work went pear-shaped.  I stopped enjoying my work.   I was living a licentious lifestyle and I became depressed. 

I moved to a new job and a new suburb and began to pray that God would show me how and what I should believe, because I was uncertain. Finally, in my mid-thirties, I responded to the preaching in my new-found church. I came to understand that the Bible is truly God’s Word, that He speaks through it and it should be taken seriously. Suddenly I had a desire to tell others about the Bible but realised I needed to know more myself so I looked for help.  I searched the internet and found the BISA website. The motto at BI impressed me ‘To Know Christ and to Make Him Known’ and after doing 12 subjects as a distance learner I enrolled at BI full time.

I have a desire to do pastoral ministry, possibly even mission work; at the moment I teach Sunday School with 7 to 9yrs old children.  I enjoy all the teaching at BI and am hard pressed to pick a favourite subject, but top of the list would be Hermeneutics and Church History.”


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Herman Strydom (far left), is a 2nd- year student at the Bible Institute of South Africa and is on the Student Representative Council. His portfolio is to book Missionaries and Christian Workers to visit the college and engage with the students in a weekly class.