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Bulelani Dyonase

I was born in 1985 in Cape Town, and grew up in the care of my grandmother. I became a Christian in High School because of my father’s influence—he had already become a Christian but was no longer a part of our family. A big challenge as a new Christian was to live out my faith amidst my own culture which requires a boy to transition into manhood through rites of ancestral worship in a Xhosa event known as “Ulwaluko” or circumcision.

I worked in the building industry after school whilst completing a National Diploma in Building. Exploring a call on my life I ventured into ministry and served for four years in the Student’s Christian Organisation.  I married Nokutula in 2011 and by the end of 2012, although I was studying part time at BISA, I had to seek secular employment because we had our first child. In 2015 BISA offered me a study bursary and in 2016 I was offered a full study scholarship.

I am a 3rd year LTh student and my courses have included NT Intro, Greek, Children & Youth Ministry and Scripture & Hermeneutics.

At college I have learned that the presuppositions that I have held are not necessarily what the Bible teaches.

My own people are not always exposed to sound theology in churches. I would like to be part of their development in Truth and sound Doctrine through involvement in Church Planting.


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Bulelani Dyonase is a 2nd year student at the Bible Institute. His wife works to support him at college and, on the odd occasion, has brought the little one with him to college.