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Michael Johnston

“I was born in Cape Town in 1996; my sister was born five years later. My dad was agnostic and commented to my mom that he didn’t care which religion his children should follow.  This made my mom reflect on her own Christian upbringing and she recommitted her life to Christ and decided to raise her children in a godly way.  When I was 9 yrs. old my dad became a Christian and by then my mom was teaching Sunday School in our garage.  In one of the lessons my sister and I clearly heard the Gospel for the first time and we decided to follow Christ.

In High School I was living a double life and when I was asked to teach at a Church Holiday Bible Club during my first year at university I was convicted and recommitted my life to Christ

I studied Medical Bioscience for 18 months, but did not have a passion for it.  My personal devotions were taking me to The Great Commission and a calling to go out with the Gospel.  My mom suggested BI and I applied.   I am now in my first year and my Christian worldview has been challenged.   I had mystical presuppositions of Christianity; I now see that logic and belief in Christ can co-exist.  I love studying hermeneutics!

Ministry week showed me the importance of the Bible, and how, apart from it we have no way to spread the Gospel.


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Michael is a  1st year student at the Bible Institute of South Africa.