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its hard to predict who your first-year classmates will be, because, like you, thay are still applying to enter college, but here are some pictures that tell a story of our previous and current students and what they got up to on and off campus.

there will be hard work and study, lots of ministry opportunities and interaction with lecturers
as well as fellowship and fun time together... 
but don't think that being a student here is a walk in the park
it isn't ...


Student and Staff photo shoot day

some serious shots but mostly fun...

Official BISA Group photo 2017 website 2

Daniel Abrahams being mobbed 2017 facebook  Pete Smuts being mobbed 2017 facebook


student group with Aydon Karstens 2017 2

 Tim Churchill mobbing students 2017 facebook  Tshepo being mobbed 2017 facebook

 Victor Kuligin being mobbed 2017 facebook

Bible Institute Faculty of Lecturers 2017

 Official BISA Faculty photo 2017 facebook


Graduation 2016 and Student Social Dinner

Graduation 2016 Carol Jonty

Graduation 2016 LTh CLP Groups

social collage 2 Graduation 2016 Gap year Jonty Simeon

social collage 3


               social collage 4


 social collage 5


View of BI campus on the False Bay slope of Trappieskop, from Boyes Drive

Boyes Drive April 2017 Panorama 5


BISA MASTER advert Flyer with student groups 2


 Ministry Sunday August 2016

Maurice Espin Ministry week collage 2016 1

Maurice Espin Ministry week collage 2016 2


 Ministry Week March 2016

Jason with kids group Ministry week

Karl Peterson Ministry week 2016 at Mitchells PlainKarl Peterson Ministry week 2016 at UCT -2 East London ministry week for NEWSLINELucky and Amy in East London Ministry week

East London Dumisani group Copy

east London 4 Copy

Karl Peterson Ministry week 2016 fellowship group

Cultural Evening 

 Maurice Kathy Dan Simon Culture evening

  Staff and Students - Summer of  2016

Website official Group photo 2016 resized

  Staff and Students - Summer of 2015

BISA 2015 GROUP photo official web size


GRADUATION November 2015 with Students, Staff, Friends and Family

Grad 2015 1 Grad 2015 2 Grad 2015 3

Grad 2015 -4Grad 2015 -5 Grad 2015 6

 Grad 2015 -7Grad 2015 -8Grad 2015 9

Grad 2015 10Grad 2015 11Grad 2015 12

Grad 2015 13Grad 2015 14Grad 2015 15

End of year student and Staff Social. The theme is 'Diversity in Culture'

2015 social collage 1 2016 Social collage 42016 Social collage 3

2016 Social collage 5 2016 Social collage 6 2016 Social collage 7

2016 Social collage 2 2016 Social collage 8 2016 Social collage 9

2016 Social collage 10

With Dr John Blanchard in Chapel - September 2015

John Blanchard in Chapel website

Open Day  - April 2015

BISA Open Day 22 April 2015

Students on their way to ministry work in Lesotho - March 2015

 Lesotho hats group resized

Fire over Kalk Bay just behind the college - March 2015

Fires over Daintree Cape Town heroes 3 Fire behind BISA -NEWSLINE

GRADUATION November 2014

Gideon Bruce Peter Grad collageBrad Louis Jan Lebo grad collage

Grad 2014 collage -1Grad 2014 collage -2

Open Day Lecture in the 92-seater Williams Hall

Williams hall lecture Open day

BISA trail -4



11th OCTOBER 2013

over Kalk Bay Mountain


BISA trail -5

Students desk in the middle of term!

Hons common room

 Year end Student Social Event 'Blast from the Past" November 2014

social 2024 5social 2024 2

social 2024 1social 2024 6

 social 2024 3social 2024 4

Team building Orientation Week January 2014 

Paul Karstens team in the water

4 fellowship groups collageVictor Kuligins hooligans

More Blasts from the Past

social 2024 7social 2024 8

School portrait February 2013

BISA 2012 official group portrait  edited

BISA's 90th birthday celebrations    1923 - 2013

 90th collage -290th collage

Farewell to our retiring lecturers,

Mr and Mrs Wannemacher November 2014 

Bruce and barbara farewell -1Bruce and barbara farewell -2

Students in Ministry Week in Gugulethu March 2014

serving in APC Langaserving the APC in Langa 2