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About the Bible Institute of South Africa

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The Bible Institute of South Africa was founded in 1923 as an evangelical and interdenominational Bible Training College for men and women

From a humble beginning with a handful of post Worl War I students,  BISA's aim was to equip men and women for Missions and for Ministry.  Since then, BISA has a faithful and consistent record of theological training and instruction. Students are drawn from, and go out to minister in many different countries in Africa and the wider world. Ministers, Mission Workers, Lecturers, Laymen and Church Workers can be found in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, having been trained, using the Bible as their handbook, at BISA.  Likewise, countless Christians have been prepared for effective witness in the secular world.

 Our motto is the same today as it was nearly a century ago "To Know Christ and To Make Him Known" 

We are a non-denominational institution and our point of departure in all things is the Bible.  We believe the Bible to be the verbally inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God. It is complete in its revelation, final in its content and absolute in its authority. Teaching God's Word at BISA, we aim to cultivate within our students a desire to obey God and to inspire hearts and minds with His Truth. Students must study the Word of God and learn to handle and communicate it competently.


Theologically, BISA is an evangelical college committed to the historical, Protestant, evangelical faith. We therefore recognise the universal sinfulness and helplessness of mankind, the sufficiency of the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ for salvation, the justification of the sinner by the grace of God through faith in Christ alone, the necessity of the regenerating and sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in the believer, and the requirement of the holy life as evidence of salvation.


 Karl Peterson in chapel



Year of 1923

The Principal, and co-founder of the Bible Institute of South Africa, was Alfred Daintree.


1923 curriculum

Boyes drive pano for Mission articleThe work of the Bible Institute began in Manor House in Mowbray in 1923 under the leadership of the Rev Alfred DAINTREE, a godly and learned man. Mr. Daintree was also the rector of St Peter’s Anglican Church. Perhaps surprisingly, he had at least the part-time help of sixteen other lecturers during the college’s first year! The principal himself taught Old and New Testament, Doctrine, and even Pilgrim’s Progress!



 Some of the earliest Students were:

Dorey, Thirza
Holt, Basil
van Rij, G
Walsh, SS