History of the Bible Institute

Did you know that the Bible Institute was founded in Mowbray, Cape Town in 1923?

In the 1920's certain evangelical ministers were concerned with the loose commitment to the gospel in the theological departments of the day; at that time theological education in South Africa was only available in the universities. 

With this in mind it was their intention to endow a theological professorship at one of the South African universities. However, because of the prevailing liberal theological influence, their wish was frustrated. Undaunted, they determined to establish a college where the evangelical doctrines of the Word of God would be taught.1935 BISA

Consequently, in 1923, they founded the Bible Institute of South Africa at Mowbray in the Cape Peninsula. Their intention was to create academic training of a high quality in order to provide the Church in South Africa with men and women equipped to meet the challenge of our century.

The picture shows a 1935 student gathering.

Throughout its history, the Institute has been interdenominational, with students admitted from across the world.   It is not uncommon to have up to a dozen nations and languages represented on campus.   BISA has trained evangelical ministers for leadership in many Independent churches as well as South African denominations e.g. the Assemblies of God, the Baptist Church, the Brethren, the Church of England in South Africa, the Church of the Province of South Africa, the Congregational Church, the Dutch Reformed Church, Hillsong, Jubilee, the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church and other African Churches.

 Pamphlet foreword with three BI personsStudents have gone to serve on foreign fields with many well-known agencies such as AIM International, Bible Society, Wycliffe Translators, Operation Mobilisation, AIM International, SIM, MECO, WEC, OMF, Interserve and others.  Particularly in (but not limited to) Africa, scores of senior Church and Mission Leaders as well as Theology School Principals and Lecturers, were trained at the Bible Institute.

Immediately prior to World War II the Institute moved to Kalk Bay, where from small beginnings it has developed into the present extensive campus whose buildings bear the names of our great patrons, Marsh, Douglas, Daintree and Kingon.

With great joy and thanksgiving the Bible Institute of South Africa celebrated, in August 2013, her 90th birthday

Could the Bible Institute be the place for you to study?

90th TEA at TCC with  Victor EA  - Final choice