Whether you bring your own device to college or use the PCs in the library computer room, there's plenty of WiFi for everyone


Computer Room

BISA has a designated computer room, adjacent to the main library, comprising eight computer work stations.   Each PC runs Windows 10 with a high speed internet connection and printing & scanning facilities.    Office applications required by the student for preparing assignments are installed on each PC. The student has access using an individually assigned code linked to their account.


Library Reference room

The Reference room is adjacent to the main library and this high ceilinged, well-lit space is reminiscent of an old- world reading room. It offers seating for around 23 students at large tables with space for books, journals and laptops. The shelves carry bound and unbound periodical journals which supplement our large electronic database. The area carries multiple power points as well as Wi-Fi access and many students choose to work there as silence is a prerequisite.  The Reserve Section of the library (also known as the Short Loan section) is found in the Reference room. There, the student will find a specialised Bible section housing multiple versions and editions of the Bible (some in African languages) as well as  the Languages book section (Biblical language grammars, Classical languages grammars and modern day grammars for many languages).

WiFi facilities

 Wi Fi (campus-wide) is also offered for students who bring their own laptops or other electronic devices to college. The library, as well as the main lecture theatre (Williams Hall), has multiple desk-accessible power points for electronic devices. The Library catalogue and EBSCOHost databases (eBooks and journals) can be accessed via the computer room or from the internet on the student’s own device.