BISA Library International Access facilities

Every BISA student has access to a campus library consisting of 26843 book titles as well as OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) providing open use of the collection,  catalogued in MARC format, with Library of Congress Subject Headings and classified according to DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification).  M5 (BISA’s online OPAC) is available for download, by permission of the Librarian, to various electronic devices.

Students have access via EBSCOHost  to ATLA (American Theological Library Association) periodical index/collection which consists of 320 Journal Titles which are readable online and are also available for download. The EBSCOHost package also includes the eBooks Religion database and EBSCOhost  eBbook collection.  In the library new titles are added on an ongoing basis.

A wealth of high quality academic literature is thus made available to Faculty, students and researchers.

Journal titles available from ATLA
Records available from Globethics Library
BISA hardcopy indexed articles
Journal titles available directory of Open Access Journals

Extended library facilities for students


Recommended authorsIrenaeus of SmyrnaAbraham KuyperAugustine of HippoThomas AquinasJohn CalvinIsobel KuhnMartin LutherJohn PiperPolycarp of SmyrnaJohn StottLouis BerkhoffJI PackerPete SmutsMatthew MarkLukeJohnDietrich BonhoefferRobert A PetersonPaul of TarsusEric MetaxasWayne GrudemJohn BunyanRC SproulCS LewisJohn FoxeOswald ChambersJonathan EdwardsMichael HortonClement of RomeMatthew HenryBrian RussellMichael CassidyJosh McDowellWalther Zimmerliall found in THIS library

Globethics Library and GlobeTheolib (based in Geneva, Switzerland), by agreement, allow BISA Faculty and students access to their online library which consists of  2,000,000 electronic records (books and journals). Articles are available for download and a number of eBooks can be read online.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (11,000 electronic journals, mostly peer-reviewed), along with JSTOR, provide added avenues for academic research.

The Bible Institute also has its own index of 53 Journal titles, with 23,400 articles indexed. Hard copies of these journals are available in the library.

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