What to expect as a BISA student


Christian greetings to you! 
We are sure that you must be filled with excitement as you plan to commence your studies at the Bible Institute next year. This article is intended to provide information that will be of assistance to you when you commence your studies with us.
Registration of all students takes place at the beginning of orientation week which is on Monday 23 January 2017.  Parents, friends and siblings are invited to a welcome Braai at 18:00 on the same day.
Further details of orientation week will be provided in the Orientation Week Programme. The orientation programme will be held at the Rotary Camp Site in Glencairn >> website  Attendance at the camp and all other orientation events is compulsory for all students. 
Foreign students must be in possession of a study visa in order to register. Please do not arrive without a valid study visa for study at the Bible Institute of South Africa. A certified copy of the visa must be submitted to the Registrar at registration. Please take note of the conditions under which your permit was issued.
The student residences will be open for all residential students from the Friday preceding orientation.  Student meals will only be provided  after the return from the orientation-week camp.
Please read the latest Student Handbook.  It contains general information regarding college life, and regulations affecting students. This handbook will be updated for 2017  but without significant changes.  Students will be required to sign a form indicating that they have read and understood the contents of the handbook, and agree to abide by its provisions. 
Regarding the payment of fees for 2017: Please note our current year fee for tuition and residence >> FEES     
Please take note of the following stipulations:
1.Fees are payable in advance. Tuition fees are payable per semester, and are due at the beginning of each semester. Written proof of any bursary or sponsorship assistance is required. Where such assistance is not forthcoming, students remain liable for fees. 
2.Students have the option of paying only 25% of tuition fees at the beginning of the semester. 
3. Students who reside on campus must pay at least an additional 25% of their annual accommodation fees. 
4.Students who elect this 25% payment option must sign a letter of ‘debt acknowledgement’ for the balance of fees due. Outstanding fees must be settled in full by the end of the semester.
5.Students who do not comply with these payment stipulations will not be allowed to register for the semester or commence their studies at BISA. Students who fail to settle in full all outstanding fees by the end of the semester will not be allowed to re-register for the following semester. Please note that these payment stipulations will be strictly enforced.
It would be wise to delay purchasing textbooks until you have commenced your particular courses. 
Please note that a “Christian Book Discounters” satellite bookstore is open at the George Whitefield College campus in Muizenberg from 12:30 to 16:00.  The store manager is Jackie Adams This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Student textbooks may be purchased at discounted prices at GWC college or from the Rondebosch bookstore, or online from Christian Book Discounters. 
The library generally will have copies of all the necessary textbooks; however, the following are your essential textbooks which you may wish to purchase in the meantime, as your funds permit:
•Systematic Theology: Wayne Grudem (Zondervan)
•The ESV Study Bible: Crossway Bibles
Students may apply for internet access.  There is an internet connection fee payable per semester (2 terms).  Vouchers for Wireless access can be purchased from the office.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for terms of use.
The dates for the compulsory Ministry Week will be in March 2017.  The plan is to visit a variety of churches in the Cape Peninsula area for ministry purposes. 
8.TERM DATES - what happens when......
Important dates for the 2017 academic year can be found here >> DATES When you are at college you will be expected to consult the BISA notice board and/or the shared library drive to note any furthur changes.
To make the most of your college experience, you are encouraged to have fellowship with as many fellow students as you can, and to join in as many campus activities as you are able. Your walk with the Lord is one of the most important aspects of life at college. Do not allow your spiritual life to become ‘arid’ amidst the pressure of academic life.


We look forward to meeting you personally and will be praying for you as you prepare to come and study here. May I take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Christmas and a New Year in which you draw ever closer to the Lord.
Lorna Bucklow
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