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Our motto is .....

'To Know Christ and to Make Him Known'
This is the motto we live by, we train with, and we work towards. We train students to be relevant witnesses for Christ and to serve Him in the urban and rural church, the marketplace and all of society.

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I will forever be grateful to God for bringing me to BI all the way from Nigeria to learn. I am busy here in Abuja, Nigeria applying what I learnt at BI to my ministry. May God continue to uphold the Bible Institute of South Africa as she continue to minister to the Body of Christ by providing well-trained ministers and missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ in Africa and beyond

Peter Sabo is in ministry in Abujo

Atlanta USA

You have no idea how thankful I am for my time at BI. For me, it is still the best part of my career. My biggest regret is not having been able to return to visit so many of the friends we made during those nine years.

Dennis Bennett lectures at Metro Atlanta Seminary in Georgia. USA


Lisa contacted us and told the following story:  "Many years ago the Houliston family came to our island. Don preached in our village and my father came to Christ. I am so glad that we all received Christ as our Saviour because we were eight children. Our whole family became Christians. We love and serve Christ today because of one family. Don is buried in our village in Kalimantan and my father always said he wants to be buried next to Don Houliston.

Rev Donald and Sylvia Houliston graduated from BI in 1947.  Don was the first South African missionary to serve with the China Inland Mission and spent three years in China. He returned to the East in 1955 where he served for thirteen years, working amongst the Chinese in West Borneo. He arrived back in South Africa in October, 1968, to take up his new appointment as Acting Home Director of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship in South Africa.


I took a gap year at BI because I couldn't decide what to do with my life after my final exams at school. What is normally the start of one's adult life felt like my end. BI changed my life. God's word with its foreshadows of Christ throughout all of it came to life to me for the first time at BI. I remember sitting absolutely mesmerised so many times. His promises became mine at the end of the first term on the big rocks just outside the main building - a direct result of the lectures.

The Greek, reading the puritans, the whales jumping, the mountains, the adventures, the scholarly smell of the library, the fascinating staff, the fellowship and unity that God's love brought to a very diverse group of people is so vivid that it nearly brings me to tears every time I think about it.

It's the only part of my life that I would want to live again.

Johann Theron runs his own accounting practice in Brisbane, Australia where he ives with his wife and son.

Cambridge ENGLAND

My experience at BI is without doubt one of the greatest blessings the Lord has enriched my life with. I never would have anticipated such equipping for ministry by way of Christ-centred lectures from godly people, stimulating conversations, interactions with friends of diverse cultural and theological backgrounds, and simply just doing life on campus. Commenting on the breathtaking natural beauty of our campus and surrounding, someone joked that this was the model God would have followed in creating other beautiful places of the world. Granting poetic license, I couldn't agree more. What a blessing! I can't envisage any productive future ministry without the substantial contribution of BI, and to God, and all my great friends at BI, I am most grateful

Victor Emma-Adamah is reading philosophy at Cambridge University, UK.


Recently I had the opportunity to drop by my old Seminary. It often does bring back so many memories, both good and bad. I thought I might share a couple:

The first was the joy of being able to learn about the Bible. Getting to understand how God worked through Israel, getting to know the context of the Gospels, somewhat learning ancient languages (please don’t ask me any questions on it), discovering the riches of the church’s history, delving through theological controversies, etc. It all was amazing, and also just the tip of the iceberg of what needs to be a lifelong study of God. I appreciate the foundation that I got there, and wouldn’t exchange it for anything. The late-night, around the dining hall table, driving to-and-from college car discussions we had about life, love, and God were priceless. They showed me the necessity of having deep relationships built on a love for God, His Word, and His people.

The second was coming to understand the Gospel. This took place in a very necessary, logical way by simply seeing and understanding what the Bible says the Gospel is, and what it isn’t. And it took place in a very practical way in how I experienced the depths of my own fallenness, and my need for the Gospel. I experienced the pain of sin, where I needed to not just understand the theory of the Gospel, but put my trust in and believe in the Gospel. And in the midst of that the grace of God was poured out on me, especially seen through His people who showed me compassion, love, forgiveness, and kindness when I didn’t deserve it.

It’s a mix of “I miss it” and “I never want to think about some of those things ever again” that swell up when I walk around my old campus. Forever grateful for how God led me there, and the difficult lessons that I learnt.

Soli Deo Gloria

Simeon Labuschagne is the National Director of Precept South Africa


Sapporo JAPAN

I was born in 1992 on Sapporo, the capital of Japan’s Northern Island.  My dad is a first generation Christian from a Shinto Buddhist family.  My mom is a Pretoria born Afrikaans meisie from the platteland. They met at Stellenbosch University where my dad was studying theology and my mom medicine.

My dad is a Church Pastor in Japan but I grew up to be merely a ‘traditional’ Christian. When I was 18 yrs old I went to Keio University in Minato, Tokyo to study Sociology.  One of our classes was a discussion on “Can Japan have Hope?”  The Class concluded that Japan could not have Hope, and that shook me. Even though I was a weak Christian I still believed that there was hope in Christ. These thoughts led me to think deeply about who Jesus is, and the meaning of His message to the world.  I began to grow in the understanding that the only hope for the Japanese people, my people, was Christ.  I began to feel a calling to tell my people about Jesus.

I made plans to go to the Jonathan Edwards Centre in Bloemfontein to study theology but after some consideration was redirected to the Bible Institute.  At first my English was very poor and I struggled but Graham my roommate was very supportive.

I graduated from BISA  and am continuing with further theological studies.. I want to return to Japan with the Good News.

Whilst studying iat BI Yutaka met and married an afrikaans meisie himself. They plan to return to Japan with the gospel.

Teyateyaneng LESOTHO

BI was great turn of events in my life. I had just come out of high school and was only 16 years old, with a lot of opportunities but not knowing which to take. Taking a gap year at BI was the best choice I made. Spending time studying about God and getting involved in ministry opened my eyes to see what God has called me to do;  even choosing a career was easier because now I know I was doing what God wanted me to do and  am content. 

I appreciated the courses in Christian thinking, Hermeneutics, Evangelism and Missions to Africa to mention a few. One other course that I wish not to leave out is Teaching & Learning, taught by Mr Henry. The material has become a great help as I learn and study at varsity. So, BI did not just develop my spiritual life but my academic life and my life as a woman as well.

I have much appreciation for the BISA faculty wives, for the Joy Club, for FishHoek Bible Fellowship, my lovely roommate Rachel, my big brother Victor, my mum & dad,  Mr & Mrs Henry, my favourite lecturer Dr. Kuligin, the gap year class of 2010 and all who loved and supported me while I was at BI.  I thank the Lord always for BI and for all of you.

Thuli Lebiletsa graduated in 2010 and went on to study Social Work at the National University of Lesotho

Meet the students

Our faculty is dedicated to Truth .....

We endeavour to retain a faculty who are evangelical in their theology, who model the truths they teach and who employ a variety of educational methods that correspond with the values, aims and ethos of the college.

 We recognize our dependence on God’s grace and the enabling and direction of the Holy Spirit in our teaching and administrative labours.

Thus we value the role of prayer in all our activities.

BISA Holds a High View of Scripture

Meet some Faculty and Staff

Mr Sizwe Maseti explains our ethos

What studies do we offer?

Bachelor of Theology (contact mode)

Bachelor of Theology (contact mode)

This BTh programme is an accredited 3-year, contact mode degree. BISA is provisionally registered with the Department  of Higher Education and Training until 31 December 2022 as a private higher education institution under the Act.  Registration certificate No. 2018/HE08/002

Students will study a range of courses such as Missions, Church History, Biblical Hebrew and Greek, Academic English, Biblical Counselling, Pastoral Ministries, Old and New Testament Studies, Theological Ethics, World Religions and Systematic Theology. To qualify for the BTh programme prospective students are required to have passed Grade 12 with exemption. Certain conditions will apply to 23 three olds who have passed Grade 12 and for those older than 45 years of age (please consult the registrar regarding these conditions).

Each student is required to do an on-going practical training assignment in a local church or Christian ministry during their course.

Successful fulfilment of the practical training assignment is a prerequisite for graduation.

Each student is assigned to a team as part of the training at BISA. Through these outreach teams, students are provided with opportunities to represent the Bible Institute in various locations during the year. Faculty members each lead a team during BISA’s annual ‘Ministry Week’ where the teams work in local churches or further afield, living in the community and engaging in various forms of ministry, including preaching and teaching in a variety of contexts.

Your life reflects the Gospel of Christ

We welcome mature students

You might want to check one last thing before contacting us


1. College Fees encompass all amounts owing to the Bible Institute of SA by a student, his or her parent or sponsor.
2. All Tuition fees are payable in advance each semester, and are due on or before the student registration date.
3. Penalty interest applies on all fees not paid by the end of February.
4. First semester runs Jan - June | Second semester runs July - December. Entry to a semester will be refused if the student has any outstanding debt from a previous semester.
5. Students who reside on campus will be billed for accommodation. They are required to pay a refundable deposit (conditions apply), plus a minimum of 25% of the semester’s accommodation fee on or before taking room occupation.

BISA FEES are significantly subsidised.







Application fee : Full time and DLP


GAP Year per credit hour


Tuition for ALL Undergraduate students per credit hour


BTh per credit hour


GAP Year:  20 credit hrs x R1,580.00 = R31,600.00 pa |  R15,800.00 per semester


BTh:           30 credit hrs x R1,580.00 = R47,400.00  pa |  R23,700.00 per semester




Evening class Pensioner Audit rate


Evening class Non Pensioner Audit rate





Inter-Semester : Engaging with Muslims: Pensioners


Inter-Semester : Engaging with Muslims: Non Pensioners


Inter-Semester : Counselling: Pensioners


Inter-Semester : Counselling: Non-Pensioners




Residence : Shared per person = R22,000.00 per semester


Residence : Single                     =  R24,500.00 per semester




Discount 5% on full tuition fees on or before 1st Registration day ie 28 Jan 2020


Discount 25% Parents in Ministry or BoD members family per credit hour




Exam re-writes


Wireless connection once off


Room deposit


Residence : Room ONLY per month




Accommodation : Current students only per night


Accommodation: Current students Family per night


Accommodation: Past students per night


Accommodation: Non students per night


Accommodation: Holiday Makers per night


Printing : Black and white per page


Printing : Colour per page


Binding per book


Laminating per page




DLP 2020 per credit hour


DLP 2020 per credit hour ex 2019 students


DLP 2020 per credit hour pre 2018 students




CLP 2020 : R550 per term x 4



Printed 28/2/2020




Payments may be made to the College in the form of Cheque, electronic transfer or direct deposit. Please note that BISA does not have Credit Card facilities.

Cash payments are accepted but we would prefer the student to make a deposit directly into the college’s account rather than handing over large sums of money. Please send us a copy of the bank's deposit slip.

Payments issuing from foreign countries can be made via bank draft or, preferably, a telegraphic transfer (TT) - as this is a safer option. Please include the cost of the bank service fees for drafts and TT's.


 Our banking details are as follows:

 Bank: Standard Bank Ltd, Fish Hoek Branch

Account name: Bible Institute of SA

Account no.: 072125640

Branch code: 036009

Swift address: SBZAZAJJ



Discount 5% on full tuition fees on or before 1st Registration day ie 28 Jan 2020


Discount 25% Parents in Ministry or BoD members family per credit hour



Students from first world countries such as North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East pay tuition fees at 200% i.e. 2 to 1 of ZAR-rate:

Please notify BISA of incoming payments that are to be credited to your student account so that we can allocate your payment correctly -  particularly if it is an electronic transfer.  Use your student name as a reference

Please note that BISA FEES are significantly subsidised.

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