Philosophy of Education

The Bible Institute of South Africa Philosophy of Education

Bible bookshelf colour blur SMALLSince the Bible is God’s trustworthy and authoritative Word, it is always at the centre of our curriculum and training. Our method of study and teaching employs the historic Protestant and Reformational hermeneutic in the interpretation of the Bible.

Our concern is more than just to impart knowledge; it is to take that knowledge and use it in the development of the skills and character our students will need to be effective in their lives and ministries.

Our goal is to help each student develop a Judaeo-Christian world-and-life view. We strive to help each student to think creatively and critically about the various issues they will face in their context of ministry, and to do so in a way that is biblical and preserves the bonds of peace and fellowship in our non-denominational, multi-cultural and international Christian community on campus.

Our campus community seeks to model Christian faith, love, fellowship, witness, team-work and submission to the Lordship of Christ in every area of our lives and with a desire to glorify God in our teaching, learning and service.

We seek to enlist a faculty who are evangelical in their theology, who model the truths they teach, who are skilled as educators and employ a variety of educational methods that encourage the abovementioned values.

We recognize our necessary dependence on God’s grace and the enabling and direction of the Holy Spirit in all our labours and consequently value the role of prayer in all our activities.


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  Our students may be diverse, but our philosophy of Biblical education remains constantCaiphas collage