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Welcome to the Bible Institute of South Africa
...One year in BISA's life...
Should I study at the Bible Institute?
A new year with many new challenges
BISA students on campus for a photoshoot.
'Study earnestly to present yourself approved to God', 1 Timothy 2:15
BISA prepares you for Mission & Ministry
2017 Graduation will be on Thursday 16th November
"Theology means 'The science of God," and any man...would like to have the clearest and most accurate ideas about him" CS Lewis


If you are wondering who I am, and what my future plans look like I shall give you a little view into it. I am a second year student, and God-willing I will graduate next year. My plans for after college are learning towards studying at postgraduate level.
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I was born in Cape Town, and grew up in the care of my grandmother. I became a Christian but was not apart of our family. A big challenge as a new Christian was to live out my Faith amidst my own culture which requires a boy to transition into manhood through rites of ancestral worship in a Xhosa event known as "Ulwaluko" or circumcision.
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I was born in Cape Town, my sister followed five years later. My Dad was agnostic and commented to my mom that he didn't care which religion his children should follow. This made my Mom reflect on her own Christian upbringing and she recommitted her life to Christ and decided to raise her children in a Godly Way.
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I am a Capetonian, born into an Afrikaans Christian home, for which I am thankful. My Dad is a church Minister. For me, "church was church" but I wasn't living as I should. I was confused when I visited liberal churches with my friends (which were unlike my Dad's church) and my Christianity was based on feelings, not facts!
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About Us

The Bible Institute of South Africa was founded in 1923 and was established as an evangelical and interdenominational training centre. From the very beginning it has been our aim to train and equip men and women to know Christ and to make Him known.

BISA has a long record of consistently and faithfully training ministers, missionaries, lecturers, teachers and church workers in Bible and theology. Moreover, many Christians have been better prepared for effective witness in the professional world. Students are drawn from, and go out to minister in, many different countries in Africa and the wider world.

  • "BI has been a great blessing to me in a way that words cannot explain. I do not regret coming to BI at all. I have experiences growth in my life, especially in handling the Word of God with diligence. Now I can preach and do Bible Studies with confidence knowing that I have been equipped with the right tools that will help me in my ministry for the rest of my life."
    - Sizwe Maseti (graduated 2014)
  • "Viv met Margie Campbell whilst studying at the Bible Institute. They married some time later and this is what he says... "Everything Margie and I do now, every decision we make, is rooted in our worldview that we received at BI"
    Vivian Potgieter (Graduated 1990)
  • "My experience at BI is without doubt one of the greatest blessings the Lord has enriched my life with. I never would have anticipated such equipping for ministry by way of Christ-centred lectures from godly people, stimulating conversations, interactions with friends of diverse cultural and theological backgrounds, and simply just doing life on campus."
    - Victor Emma-Adamah (Graduated 2013, PhD Cambridge candidate) 
  • "Before coming to BI I was battling with assurance of salvation, a struggle that had been consuming my life for years. During the year I spent there among godly lecturers and fellow students, God just opened my eyes to what he had already been doing in my life through this struggle. I saw Him at work, and experienced Him in ways I never could have imagined."
    - Janie Slabbert (graduated 2011)