Christian Leadership Programme

The Current Situation and Need

Hundreds of men (and ladies) are in church ministry across our city’s townships. Many of them have no formal bible training and are not able to enrol for full-time study, but they are seen as leaders. Many of these leaders want to study theology but a lack of finance prevents them.

The Solution

Two BISA lecturers, Jeff Borden and Neil Henry saw the need to take theological training out from the college and in to the churches where these pastors serve.

In 2003 they initiated the Christian Leadership Programme.

The Christian Leadership programme serves a great training need, and is designed for men and women who are already working in, or feel called to Christian Ministry.

The Bible Institute already has residential programmes running on campus but because of the acute need for trained leaders in Africa, we have positioned the CLP teaching module in the community, without sacrificing the skills and character development of our students or compromising the interactive learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our Theological module is Scripture based, God-honoring, relevant, affordable and sustainable and moreover, it is available to you in your area. Training in Christian Leadership becomes more accessible, so that, put plainly, you the student will be enabled more effectively to serve the Church.


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There is currently no minimum academic requirement such as matric. We require the student to be in good standing with his/her local church and able to demonstrate ability to grasp the course content, reflect on it critically, apply it to life and ministry, and communicate it effectively. The CLP is not a ‘drop-in’ programme and students will be expected to attend all lectures and pay the course fee timeously.


This is a part-time, three year course. Lectures are given once a week in the evenings during the school term. Half-day Saturday Seminars are given at intervals each term


Each student pays R2200 for a year’s tuition, including materials. This works out to R550 per term and is heavily subsidised by the college.


Dr Daniel Simango, Principal, Bible Institute of South Africa
Rev Neil Henry, CLP Director
Rev Christo April, CLP Administrator


Term Courses & Hours:

Term 1: Introduction and Principles for Biblical Interpretation
20 Hours

Term 2: Understanding Old Testament I: Pentateuch
20 Hours

Term 3: Christian Foundations I: Scripture, God, Man and Sin, Christ
20 Hours

Term 4: Understanding New Testament I: Intertestamental Period and the Gospels

Term Courses & Hours

Term 1: Christian Foundations II: Doctrine of Salvation and Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
20 Hours

Term 2: Understanding Old Testament II: Prophets
20 Hours

Term 3: Understanding New Testament II: Pauline Epistles
20 Hours

Term 4: The Christian Leader’s Life and Work: Pastoral Epistles
20 Hours

Term Courses & Hours

Term 1: Christian Foundations III: Doctrine of the Church and End Times
20 Hours

Term 2: Missions and Evangelism
20 Hours

Term 3: Understanding New Testament III: General Epistles
20 Hours

Term 4: Understanding Old Testament III: Poetry and Wisdom Literature
20 Hours

There are eight Seminars are offered each year in a three cycle covering Biblical, Systematic, Practical and Historical theology. Specific aspects are presented to help the student gain deeper insights into the teachings of scripture.

The seminars are compulsory and make up an additional 60 hours of classroom teaching which is required for the students to graduate.

Each seminar can earn a student 2 hours of attendance and 2 hours of participation through the completion of a homework assignment relevant to the material. (Totalling 4 hours of additional credit per seminar.)

Saturday Seminars may include:

  • Book of Acts
  • 2 Corinthians
  • Strategic Faith Planning
  • Biblical Counselling
  • Counselling (H/S Role in Church)
  • Family Counselling
  • Discipling the Family
  • Isaiah
  • Romans
  • Ephesians
  • Psalms
  • The Bible… Basically
  • Book of Revelation

Total Hours of Course instruction: 300

A CLP student visited Sudan

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Taken from The Gospel Coalition, Africa Edition

Did you know?


  1. The CLP has been operational since 2003 with increasing enrolments year on year
  2. The training runs for three years. Instruction and tutorial support are delivered via WhatsApp.
  3. Two half day seminars per term cover additional areas of learning and allow fellowship.
  4. We follow the SA academic calendar.
  5. Students graduate after three years with a non-accredited Bible Institute of South Africa Christian Leadership Programme certificate.
  6. CLP Lecturers serve as volunteers and are either past students of the Bible Institute, home based missionaries, or church ministers.


The CLP is now being offered in three Prisons in the Western Cape

The Bible Institute of South Africa is your College


The Bible Institute of South Africa is a nondenominational theological college committed to the evangelical faith of our Protestant Reformation heritage. The college has operated since 1923 and has trained over two thousand students, many of whom have gone into fulltime Christian service.

BISA’s mission is to serve the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping men and women in biblical truth and ministry expertise so they may serve in the urban and rural church, the marketplace and in society. Our campus is in Kalk Bay, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa


We hold to the inspiration, inerrant and full authority of the Bible. We subscribe to the Lausanne Covenant and the Lausanne Cape Town Commitment.

We emphasize the importance of having a passion for the Kingdom of God, and exemplary Christian character.

We are committed to the development of personal spirituality and practical skills for faithful effective ministry.

We seek to pursue excellence and integrity in all aspects of life.


We provide training for Christian service that is:

Academically and practically integrated.
Accessible to existing and potential Christian leaders.
Appropriate for the students we serve.

Christian Leadership Programme Prison Ministry

The Christian Leadership Programme has been working within the prisons in the Western Cape to include: Helderstroom Maximum Security, Brandvlei Medium and Brandvlei Maximum.

We have 26 students altogether (Helderstroom Max, Brandvlei Max and Brandvlei Med.)

Most of them are involved with some form of evangelical ministry within the prisons. Preaching every morning in the communal cells; running Bible studies; prayer meetings and a great deal of one-on-one ministry.

Every week when Syd Eaby, our CLP lecturer visits any of the groups someone thanks the Lord for this Christian Leadership Program. Syd has been serving in the prison ministries for nearly 15 years but has shared about the impact after his involvement with the bringing the Christian Leadership Programme to them.

He had a student from from Brandvlei Max say, “You must understand pastor there are many different spiritual programs in the prison but this one is making all the difference!”

We have had the privilege of graduating several students from the programme over the years, some of whom were released and are now serving the Kingdom in the general public.

To learn about the prison outreach where we teach the CLP, or to get involved, email Syd Eaby at

Click here to read Syd Eaby’s story

CLP Venues

Please note that, until Covid restrictions lessen, the CLP lectures are being given via an electronic platform.

Lecture Venues